Bill Gilmour (born 1939) served as a director on Coronation Street from October 1973 to November 1987 with 156 episodes to his name. He also directed the linking sequences for the very first VHS release for the programme, The Magic of Coronation Street, issued in November 1982.

His other credits include directing and producing The Cuckoo Waltz as well as directing Sam, This Year, Next Year, Cribb, The Spoils of War, Crown Court and Bulman for Granada Television. More recently he worked on EastEnders and Hollyoaks. In 1982 he was briefly engaged to the former Street actress Julie Goodyear.

Episodes directed by Bill GilmourEdit


1973 (9 episodes)

1974 (23 episodes)

1976 (14 episodes)

1977 (8 episodes)

1978 (6 episodes)


1981 (1 episode)

1982 (12 episodes)

1983 (13 episodes)

1985 (19 episodes)

1986 (25 episodes)

1987 (26 episodes)

Other Coronation Street related worksEdit