Bill Steel was born in the North East of England and first worked as an accountant but followed that by joining Tyne Tees Television in the 1960s as a transmission controller and later presentation director. He then moved to Manchester in 1967 where he worked for the local ITV weekend franchise, ABC Television, as a newsreader and one year later joined that station's Midlands service as an announcer but moved to London to join Thames Television when ABC lost their licence as part of the 1968 franchise reshuffle. He rejoined Tyne Tees in 1971 and worked there until 1996 when he was effectively made redundant.

Changing his career to become an actor, he appeared in Coronation Street intermittently between March and November 1997 as Bernard McKenna, father of Alan who was to marry Street stylist Fiona Middleton.

Bill is now a presenter for Century FM in his native North East.

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Wikipedia page on Bill Steel

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