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Billy Nelson
Billy Nelson
First appearance 13th September 1982
Last appearance 22nd September 1982
Number of appearances 4
Played by Chris Darwin

Billy Nelson was an acquaintance of Eddie Yeats who met during their incarceration at Walton Jail. In September 1982, he turned up in Weatherfield and taken in by his tales of woe, Hilda Ogden allowed him to sleep on the settee at 13 Coronation Street for a few nights. Unbeknown to Hilda, he'd escaped from custody and had the police looking for him. Billy was further panicked when, during a night in the Rovers, he saw a CID officer and hid up the corner.

Eddie was then forced into telling Stan Ogden that Billy was on the run. With Stan wanting him out of No.13, Eddie "persuaded" Billy to leave the area and after familiarising himself with the other properties accessible from the ginnel, he finally left when Stan made him believe that there were police officers watching the house.

When Eddie found out that jewellery had gone missing he visited Billy's fence, Monkey Gibbons and discovered both Annie Walker's watch and his fiancée Marion Willis's engagement ring among Monkey's possessions. The recovered items were then "planted" in places where the rightful owners would find them.

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