Billy Stratton
Billy Stratton
Father Danny Stratton
Mother Vicky Stratton
First appearance 13th January 2012
Last appearance 23rd January 2012
Number of appearances 3
Played by Wade Sayers

Billy Stratton was the young son of Danny Stratton, a hotel manager who Becky McDonald fell in love with. In the early days of their relationship, Danny hadn't mentioned his son and so, when Becky turned up at his house unannounced one night and saw the child there with another woman, she assumed she had been lied to and that Danny had a wife. He explained to her that the woman was his sister and that Billy's mother Vicky Stratton had died in a car accident three years before. Becky was instantly taken with the child and happily played games with him and could see what Danny meant when he said that although the child had been unplanned, he was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Becky stayed the night and, in the morning as she made the child's breakfast, Danny had more evidence as to how well the two got on. Billy equally took to Becky and asked if they were going to see her again. A problem arose though when Danny's employers told him that they were transferring him to Barbados and he would be leaving the next week. He asked Becky to join him and presented her with a plane ticket. After initially refusing, she agreed and, after successfully dealing with old enemy Tracy Barlow, she joined Danny and Billy on their first class flight to their new life.

List of appearancesEdit


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