Billy Whittaker
Billy Whittaker
Mother Mavis Whittaker
First appearance 8th October 1962
Last appearance 10th October 1962
Number of appearances 2
Played by David Cook

Billy Whittaker was a thuggish young man who, with his friend Jack, showed scant regard for the feelings of the residents of Coronation Street following the kidnapping of baby Christopher Hewitt in October 1962.

Going to the Corner Shop for cigarettes, they pushed their way to the front past Minnie Caldwell, Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner and laughed when they were admonished for their behaviour and for showing no respect for the missing child. Ena, who recognised Billy for being Mavis Whittaker's son, told them to go to another shop on Rosamund Street and to hop it.

They barely made it halfway down the street when they started tormenting Lucille Hewitt for being behind the kidnapping until Frank Barlow sent them on their way once more.

Credited as "Billy", the character's surname was given in dialogue. He was uncredited in his second appearance where he was seen hanging around outside 7 Coronation Street along with other gawpers.

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