Bingo Checker 1618
Bingo Checker
First appearance 19th July 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tim Healy

The unnamed Bingo Checker verified claims on the night that Albert Tatlock and Hilda Ogden went to the hall in July 1976. An excited Hilda thought she'd won a line but the Checker went through the numbers with the Caller who confirmed that 58 hadn't been one of those he'd declared and the claim was false. Afterwards, Albert won a house and the £100 jackpot.

The character is notable for being played by actor Tim Healy in an early role in his career before he achieved stardom in "Auf Wiedersehen Pet". He was later married to Denise Welch and reappeared in the programme as Sean Tully's father Brian in 2006.

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