Bishop Redmond was the newly-appointed bishop of Weatherfield who attended a jumble sale at St. Mary's Church in May 2015. Billy Mayhew had only been in position as the vicar of the church for a few months and was in the early days of a relationship with Sean Tully. The Bishop was known to be extremely traditional in his views of homosexuality and Billy persuaded Sean to hide their relationship from each other.

He wasn't dressed in any clerical garb and Mary Taylor, keen to bag a canteen of cutlery that the Bishop was investigating, gave him a sob story that she needed the item to help feed the two children she looked after. He happily let her have it though she was surprised when she found out who he was. Equally taken aback was Sean Tully who sold the cleric a strip of raffle tickets and when he was formally introduced to him by Billy, started to gabble nonsense as his nerves started to show. The bishop was both puzzled and suspicious as he had heard rumours about Billy and Sean and read a story about them in the Weatherfield Gazette. Consequently, he warned Billy about any adverse publicity.

Credited as "Bishop", the character's surname was given in dialogue.