Black Dyke Street

Black Dyke Street was a Weatherfield street that was demolished in the summer of 1978. Situated the other side of the Red Rec from Coronation Street, it was a thoroughfare that was an irregular stop on Stan Ogden's window-cleaning round. Stan, for once, was keen to clean some windows and collect his money in order to go to the races with Eddie Yeats while Hilda was away. Stan admitted he had not been there for some time and therefore there would be willing customers. He got a shock though when he and Eddie wheeled the cart there and found piles of rubble where houses once stood. Stan was indignant and melancholic: there was one house on the street where he had been used to obtaining refreshment and he looked upon the demolition as another of the tragedies that life constantly threw at him.

The placement of the tower of Strangeways Jail and the CIS building in central Manchester in the distance shows that the location filming for this scene was conducted somewhere in Lower Broughton.