Blonde (Episode 6416)
First appearance 3rd November 2006
Last appearance 5th November 2006
Number of appearances 2
Played by Emma Gilmour

The unnamed Blonde was an attractive woman that Charlie Stubbs brought back to 6 Coronation Street one evening in November 2006. After one of their many altercations, Charlie had thrown girlfriend Tracy Barlow out of the house and had the locks changed. When Tracy saw Charlie and the blonde getting out of a taxi and kissing outside, she quietly vowed to kill him. The next day however, Ken and Deirdre Barlow were horrified when Tracy told them she was going to move back in with Charlie and after storming round to the house, barged inside. With Charlie avoiding the obvious questions about what was going on and Tracy telling the woman that she would no longer be needed, the woman left No.6 - but not before stating to Tracy that Charlie "gives a girl a good time".

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