Bob Chadwick
Bob Chadwick
Occupation Businessman
First appearance 18th May 1970
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alan Partington

Bob Chadwick was a former business associate of Dave Smith's and the two men met again after several years of no contact when Dave took Irma Barlow out to an African-themed nightclub where Bob's date was Bet Lynch who Irma hadn't seen since their time at the PVC Factory four years before. Bob was delighted to see Dave again, although he did refer to him as "Dodgy Dave Smith" and the inference was made by Bob that he and Dave's pasts were equally as shady. He approved of Dave's date for night, telling him she looked as sporty as Bet. Bob told Bet that Dave was worth a lot, gaining Bet's approval that Irma had bagged herself a rich man.

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