Bob Chadwick was the father of Kabin paperboy Nigel Chadwick. In November 1990, Bob forced his son to quit his round when Percy Sugden questioned the boy about a recent break-in at 4 Coronation Street, which Nigel took to mean that he suspected him of having a hand in the burglary.

After finding out the identity of the man who spoke to Nigel, Bob went to have it out with him, confronting Percy at the Rovers after being pointed his way by an unwitting Phyllis Pearce. Percy was uninterested in discussing the matter, but when Bob wished that the pensioner was forty years younger so that they could settle their score outside, Percy got up and removed his glasses, showing that he was prepared to stand his ground. Worried for their neighbour, Phyllis, Des Barnes and Rita Fairclough made efforts to calm the situation, causing Alec Gilroy to warn him about upsetting his customers. Rather than take everybody on, Bob cut his losses and walked away, telling Alec that it wasn't a pub he was running but "flamin' Disneyland!".