Bob Eckersley
Bob Eckersley
First appearance 20th April 1977
Last appearance 22nd March 1978
Number of appearances 2
Played by Rex Arundel

Bob Eckersley was the Mayor of Weatherfield from April 1977 to March 1978 and his term of office was book-ended by the weddings of two of his fellow councillors: Len Fairclough and then a year later Alf Roberts. He was guest of honour at both of the receptions although he only attended Len's church wedding and not the smaller registry office service for Alf.

Arriving at the Rovers for Alf's wedding reception, he was told that ex-Mayoress Annie Walker was in bed with a high temperature and upon Bet Lynch's enquiry told her that the reason he wasn't wearing his chain of office was that he'd pawned it! Later on, he chatted to Alf and Renee about their choice of honeymoon destination in Capri, stating that he preferred Malta and bored the bride's mother, Daisy Hibbert, about his war service during his dance with her.

Credited in both of his appearances as "The Mayor", his name was given in dialogue in his second appearance.

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