Bob Fawcett
Occupation Contract Manager
First appearance 19th September 1973
Number of appearances 1
Played by Raymond Mason

Bob Fawcett was the Contract Manager for the firm of Dobson Swales who asked Len Fairclough's Builder's Yard to submit a tender for the conversion of some flats.

Mr Fawcett called at the office when Deirdre Hunt was in sole occupancy and was sharp with him when he walked in as she was searching for a lost contact lens on the floor and made him take his shoes off - something he was not pleased to do. Later, while they waited for the men to return, she shared her cheese sandwiches with him and they chatted. To help her search for the lens, he got his torch out of his car, shone it at a low angle on the floor and successfully located the lens. Deirdre showed him the paperwork on previous jobs they had conducted that showed they were completed before the end date on the tender’s and were within the budget. As a result, Mr Fawcett was pleased to give them the contract. Ray Langton and Jerry Booth were delighted with Deirdre’s efforts as they had an emptying appointment’s book.

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