Bob Ford
Bob Ford
Occupation Venue manager
First appearance 21st November 2011
Last appearance 24th November 2011
Number of appearances 2
Played by Ged McKenna

Bob Ford managed the George Street Assembly Rooms for occasions such as birthday parties, and when he was drinking in Nick's Bistro in November 2011 he met Ciaran McCarthy, who offered to prepare food for Bob for the venue for a party in a bid to get rich quick after losing his wedding money in a poker game. Bob offered him £1,100 for the job and Ciaran spent all night preparing the food in the bistro. After being unsatisfied with Ciaran's preparations, he ordered him to serve the food at the venue. Ciaran enlisted the help of Tina McIntyre and unexpectedly met Audrey Roberts at the party, and was jumpy trying to avoid her in case all was revealed to his fiancée Michelle Connor. He left in a rush and Bob turned up at the bistro with Ciaran's money, confusing owner Nick Tilsley who was unaware that Ciaran had been using his kitchen to earn money for himself. Nick accused Ciaran of ripping him off and fired him.

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