Bob Stephenson
Occupation Immigration official
First appearance 29th April 2011
Last appearance 29th April 2011
Number of appearances 2
Played by Paul Leonard

Robert "Bob" Stephenson was an immigration official who was hired to investigate Graeme and Xin Proctor's recent marriage which was reported as a sham by Mary Taylor.

He arrived at the Corner Shop flat for an interview but Graeme and Xin were out. He entered the Rovers Return Inn where he expressed his disgust in the royal wedding celebrations to Tina McIntyre and Tommy Duckworth. After having a drink he decided to leave because Graeme and Xin were late but Tina persuaded him to wait. Just as Bob was leaving the pub Mary's camper van where Graeme and Xin were coincidentally and the interview took place as planned.

Bob explained to Graeme and Xin the seriousness of marriage and told them they would have to answer some questions separately.

Bob also seemed to have a dislike for the Royal Family, and didn't like the idea of the Royal wedding and tax payers money being used for it.

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