Bob Wheeler
Spouse(s) Eunice Wheeler
Children Jane Wheeler, plus two others
First appearance 8th December 1975
Last appearance 10th December 1975
Number of appearances 2
Played by Johnny Caeser

Geordie Bob Wheeler was the husband of Eunice Wheeler, a mother of three children who called into The Kabin with a baby in a pram and among her purchases, showed an interest in some wind-up plastic butterfly toys. Having made her normal purchase, she took advantage of Mavis Riley being distracted by Albert Tatlock to steal one of the toys and then left the shop. Mavis quickly realised what was missing and alerted Len Fairclough who chased after her down Rosamund Street. Grabbing the pram off her, he insisted she return to The Kabin and made Mavis ring the police. She didn't want to get any further involved in the matter but Len made her give a statement to the police. An angry Bob called into The Kabin and told Mavis that he wasn't threatening her as he already had a record for GBH but their Christmas was going to be ruined by a "dried old prune" like her. Despite this, the soft-hearted Mavis felt sorry for the Wheelers. She called at their council flat with Christmas presents for the children but Bob was still angry with her and threw the charity back at her.

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