Bobby Ockton
Bobby Ockton
Occupation Night Club Manager
First appearance 18th August 2004
Last appearance 20th August 2004
Number of appearances 2
Played by Tony Nyland

Bobby Ockton was the myopic manager of The Vault nightclub where Leanne Battersby successfully applied for a job as bar staff in August 2004. Described by doorman Jamie Baldwin as "hands-on", he was in reality a lecherous groper who spent most of her interview looking down the cleavage of her low-cut top. Jamie warned her to be careful of Bobby, telling her that he didn't get his nickname of "Octopus" for nothing. On her first night, Leanne played up to his obvious attraction for her, asking if she could keep her own tips to which she received the reply that, "Nobody lays a hand on Leanne's tips, that's a fact!" One person who wasn't happy with Leanne's flirting was Jamie, who hung around her, only to be told to "vamoose" by Bobby but Leanne herself started to feel uncomfortable as her boss pawed her while showing her the optics behind the bar. Later he suggested that she try on her "uniform" in front of him, rather than getting changed in the ladies, but not realising that Jamie was listening at the open door to the manager's office. When he saw Leanne backing away as Bobby drooled towards her, Jamie quickly interceded, slamming the man against a wall and an ungrateful Leanne joined in, biting Jamie on the arm. The two were sacked on the spot. Although Leanne initially was angry with Jamie, she later apologised and the two became an item, much to the disgust of Jamie's stepmother, Frankie.

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