Boffo the Clown
Occupation Children's Entertainer
First appearance 4th June 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Liam Tobin

Boffo the Clown was one of the more unusual customers of both Coronation Street Garage and the Rovers. His van, which he used to go between children's parties, needed to have emergency repairs and Sally Webster, interfering in her husband's business to make it more "efficient", accepted as a late Friday afternoon booking. This caused a row with Tommy Harris who refused to work late however, on learning that Sarah Platt's baby had just died in Weatherfield General, and not wanting the Platt family to have to see a children's entertainer's van parked outside their house all weekend, he returned to do the job. Sally sneered at him until she was told the reason why after which she was uncharacteristically silenced.

Meanwhile Boffo himself was in the Rovers, making a through nuisance of himself with his klaxon horn and toy buzzer and winding up Dev Alahan by calling him "Dave". He booked Patrick Tussel's taxi to take him to Rusholme for his next booking, but the cabbie returned later, telling Dev that he hadn't had any money on him and he was therefore paid with the klaxon and a balloon dog! Dev's dreams of making his fortune through his part-ownership of Street Cars took a temporary tumble…

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