Bonnie Wakeman
Bonnie Wakeman
Occupation Midwife
First appearance 22nd April 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Janine Birkett

Bonnie Wakeman ran a weekly antenatal class attended by Tina McIntyre, Izzy Armstrong and Gary Windass in April 2013. Tina was acting as surrogate mother for Gary and Izzy and they were the only ones there who were as a couple. Bonnie made no allowances for the three, nor for Izzy being in a wheelchair as the floorspace was liberally strewn with mats and exercise balls. Izzy felt in the way and, with difficulty, made her way to the back of the room through the other couples as Bonnie announced the agenda for the class. The last straw for Izzy came when Bonnie asked everyone to get into position with the partner supporting the mother-to-be and happily told everyone that Tina and her partner Gary were the ones who had followed the instructions correctly and that everyone should follow them. Izzy left the room in tears and no one noticed.

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