Book Keeper 2046
Book Keeper
Occupation Accountant
First appearance 10th November 1980
Number of appearances 1
Played by David Moore

The unnamed Book Keeper was an accountant employed by Len Fairclough to audit the books of both the Builder's Yard and The Kabin. Len and Rita Fairclough were in a period of marital disharmony over whose work contributed more to the household income - his at the Yard or hers at The Kabin. The accountant conducted his quarterly check of the books with Mavis Riley who was pleased to tell Rita that he had described them as a model of what they should be compared to the records kept at the Yard, and that The Kabin was 30% more profitable. Rita used this information to employ Hilda Ogden as a cleaner at 9 Coronation Street and to make Len pay for her services when he refused to do any housework himself.

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