Bouncer (Episode 7285)
Occupation Bouncer
First appearance 1st March 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Francesca Manning

Following Becky McDonald's admission to husband Steve that she'd miscarried their baby in March 2010, she hurriedly left the Rovers - her whereabouts unknown for several hours.

Desperate to locate a vulnerable Becky, Steve had checked with friends and neighbours before driving around in his taxi. Telephoning back to Street Cars base, he informed business partner Lloyd Mullaney that he'd been unable to receive any information (due to patient confidentiality) from Weatherfield General and she wasn't drinking at The Tudor - a pub where she still owed the manager £50.

Whilst driving around, he soon spotted his wife having an altercation with a pub Bouncer who had ejected her from the premises. With Becky claiming that she had left a full pint at the bar and that the bouncer had flung her out by her hair, voices were again raised as Steve separated the women and restrained his wife as the bouncer denied Becky's accusation - stating that her cheap hair extensions would rip out too easily.

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