Brad Armstrong 1997
Brad Armstrong
Born 14th February 1997
Birthplace Rovers Return Inn
Father Terry Duckworth
Mother Tricia Armstrong
Sibling(s) Jamie Armstrong (half-brother)
Paul Clayton (half-brother)
Tommy Duckworth (half-brother)
First appearance 16th February 1997
Last appearance 2nd May 1997
Number of appearances 19
Played by Caleb Flanagan

Brad Armstrong was the son of Tricia Armstrong and Terry Duckworth. He is the half-brother to Jamie Armstrong, Paul Clayton and Tommy Duckworth, and the third grandson of Jack and Vera Duckworth.

Brad was born five weeks early. He was born on Valentine's Day 1997 while Tricia was helping out behind the bar of the Rovers. He was delivered in the back room of the Rovers by Betty Williams and Tricia's son Jamie.

List of appearancesEdit


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