Brad Martin was an American businessman who was in negotiations with Eric Firman with a view to buying the Firman's Freezers chain of stores in March 1995. On his visit to the Weatherfield branch, Brad was introduced to both Reg Holdsworth and Curly Watts (store manager and assistant manager respectively). Prior to leaving for work that morning, Reg paid careful attention to his toupée and advised Curly to "lose" his glasses in order to look more professional.

After going through the accounts, Reg and Curly were summoned to see Brad in the manager's office for an "interview". Fearing for their jobs and eager to make a good impression, both men were asked in turn about what supreme quality would be needed by the successful executive. Reg's response was all about "vision" (with reference to Curly not being about to see) and Curly, realising he'd been set-up, responded with a speech about "judgement".

Brad told the pair that their answers were both wrong - and that in order to be successful, it took nerve and a cool head. It was then that Reg made comments about Brad's hairpiece, which angered the businessman so much so, that he left the store and went back to his hotel room.

Realising that they'd been undone by each other, a war of words ensued and Eric explained that Brad had thought Curly to be vain and weak, and thought of Reg as a buffoon and blundering idiot.