Breadman 2017
First appearance 30th July 1980
Last appearance 6th August 1980
Number of appearances 2
Played by David Williams

The Breadman made early morning deliveries to the Corner Shop on the morning after the death of Renee Roberts - before the news was known to the residents - and couldn’t rouse a grief-stricken Alf. He cheekily suggested to a passing Elsie Tanner that she could take him in for a nice cup of tea until the Roberts were up. Elsie retorted that you don’t get a bean out of a peapod. Laughing, he told her he was on cover of Health and Strength magazine this week.

A few days later, on the morning of Renee’s funeral, he breezed happily into the Corner Shop with his delivery for that day and, not noticing that the people gathered were in black, asked Alf if Renee was having a lie-in. He was suitably shocked when the residents put him right on events. Later on he poured out his embarrassment to Fred Gee who undiplomatically told him that Alf had been breathalysed.

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