Occupation Check-out assistant
First appearance 23rd February 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Lori Wells

Brenda was a check-out assistant at Harrison's Supermarket. In February 1972, the trio of Len Fairclough, Ray Langton and Jerry Booth went shopping there in a bid to prove who could manage the household expenses the best after Jerry's complaints about the rising cost of living fell on deaf ears. Ray's main interest in the trip was Brenda who he had espied from afar but she showed barely interest in him. At the till he flattered her that she was a cross between Ami McDonald and "Alfred" Einstein but she easily swatted away his compliments and his wandering hands, reminding him that she was married. Brenda totted up the three men's bills and Jerry's point was easily proven. Back at No, 9 Ray claimed that Brenda was only 19 years of age but in Len's view she was an "old boot".

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