Brenda Fearns
Brenda Fearns
Spouse(s) Mr Fearns
Children Neil Fearns (1987)
First appearance 19th September 2003
Last appearance 7th January 2004
Number of appearances 24
Played by Julia Deakin

Brenda Fearns was the mother of Neil Fearns and the paternal grandmother of Sarah Platt's baby - Bethany. She was mentally unstable after the death of Neil in a car crash although she became close to her granddaughter after Neil's funeral and, as a result of her mental health issues, kidnapped Bethany for a short period. Brenda became a religious extremist and thought that Sarah would go to hell as she was currently pregnant for the second time.

Brenda saw the only thing for it was to join Neil in heaven therefore she attempted to throw herself and Bethany from the tower of St. Saviour's Church. Emily Bishop managed to persuade Brenda down and let Bethany go.

The youngster was safely reunited with her mother and Brenda was swiftly led away by police officers into the back of an awaiting ambulance.

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