Brenda Robinson
Brenda Robinson
Occupation Wedding Dress Shop Assistant
First appearance 28th February 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Elizabeth Bennett

Brenda Robinson served Shelley Unwin when she went shopping with Deirdre Rachid and Sunita Parekh for a wedding dress for her marriage to Peter Barlow. Well spoken but cold and patronising, she immediately mistook Deirdre for Shelley’s mother and didn’t crack a smile when Sunita claimed to be her twin sister. She went on to advise Shelley not to either crash diet or comfort-eat after her fitting as she had seen too many brides go up two sizes in her time. She then went on to acidly talk of her own husband who had given up on her after twenty-two years of marriage to become a sheep crofter on the Isle of Mull! As she measured Shelley, she told more of her tale of woe, adding, “I thought he said Hull. I could never work out why they needed shepherds in Hull.”

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