Brenda summers
Brenda Summers
Spouse(s) John Summers
Children Wayne Summers

Samantha Summers

First appearance 17th July 1978
Last appearance 26th July 1978
Number of appearances 4
Played by Anita Carey

Brenda Summers was a battered wife who was befriended by Emily Bishop at Weatherfield General hospital in July 1978. Emily was working as an orderly and learned from Nurse Purcell that Brenda appeared at the hospital every so often sporting new injuries which she claimed were caused by accidents like falling down the stairs and walking into doors. When the woman was still at the hospital as Emily was leaving at the end of her shift, Emily suggested that she come home with her to 3 Coronation Street, where she got the nervous but defiant woman to admit that her husband John sometimes lashed out at her, and not for any real reason, but that she stayed with him as he was genuinely sorry afterwards, explaining away his violence as a symptom of depression.

Emily was deeply concerned and persuaded Brenda to stay the night. Emily thought the best solution was for Brenda to see a social worker but while Brenda made enquiries about renting a bedsit in Victoria Street, John turned up at No.3 looking for his wife. Brenda had told him where she was as she didn't want him thinking she was with a man. John then appeared with their children Wayne and Samantha and left them with Emily - who hadn't been told of their existence, as Brenda thought that Emily would be less willing to shelter her if she knew she had children.

Over the next few days, Emily began pressing Brenda to make a decision about her future. Brenda discussed with Ken Barlow the possibility of taking out an injunction against John, but decided against it as she feared he would be sent to prison. She then made the surprise decision to return to John, believing that it was the only option for her and the children. Emily urged her to take the opportunity to start a new life away from a man who had promised before never to hit her again, but her pleas fell on deaf ears and Brenda left No.3 with the kids.

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