Brentworth Prison in Bradford was the institution where Terry Duckworth was held on remand in October 2001 on a charge of murder.

Vera Duckworth journeyed across to Bradford to visit her son who protested that he was innocent, having been framed by DS Reardon whose wife Julie he had been sleeping with. Terry went on the run from court when he feigned illness while appearing to answer his charge. He hid out in Jack Duckworth's allotment shed for several nights and then tried to go on the run but, short of cash, he visited his parents to get more funds. He was arrested when he had to take his father to Weatherfield General when he suffered chest pains when he was visiting him on Christmas Day.

A few weeks later, Julie confessed to her husband's deception and Terry was freed from Brentworth, moving to Huddersfield to live there.

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