Brian Dodds
Brian Dodds
First appearance 14th October 1974
Last appearance 16th October 1974
Number of appearances 2
Played by Peter Bourke

Brian Dodds was a well-spoken young man who developed a crush on Deirdre Hunt when she was on holiday in Majorca in October 1974 with a party of seven other women from Coronation Street after Bet Lynch won the trip in the Weatherfield Gazette 's "Find the Football" competition. Deirdre was engaged at the time to Billy Walker and one of the women on the trip was none-other than her future mother-in-law Annie Walker who looked on purse-lipped as the two frolicked in the pool. Someone else who noticed was Hilda Ogden who made unwelcome insinuations to Annie about Deirdre having a last fling before the wedding.

One evening night at a club, Brian requested the pleasure of "Miss Hunt" in joining him for a dance. Deirdre refused, telling Brian that he should dance with a Danish girl who had been eyeing him up all night and resolutely informing him that, corny as it sounded, she loved her fiancé. This time Annie's look was one of smiling approval as the hurt Brian moved off and left Deirdre alone.

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