Brian McDonald
Brian McDonald
Occupation Building Contractor
Father George McDonald
First appearance 18th August 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alan Meadows

Brian McDonald was the son of George McDonald, a building contractor who offered Fairclough and Langton a job installing central heating on a site he was involved in. Len Fairclough had been desperate to get his foot in the door at McDonald's and accepted the work. They immediately encountered problems on the site from Jack Barker and his fellow brickies who were stealing from the site's generous stock of materials. Without knowing what was going on, Ray Langton found the discrepancies in the stock lists and he and Len reported the matter to Brian, George not being available, although they had no further information to offer. Barker heard what was happening and Len suspected he would try and blame his firm. He got in first by reporting Barker to the union, and in retaliation Barker rigged some scaffolding which put Ray in hospital.

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