Groom 778
First appearance 29th May 1968
Number of appearances 1
Played by Dan Caulfield

The unnamed Bridegroom and his intended Bride were waiting in the same registry office as Dennis Tanner and Jenny Sutton for their respective weddings in May 1968. While Dennis and Jenny were all loved-up, albeit nervous, the other couple were in the midst of a full-scale fallout which did not bode well for the future. She told him to do them all a favour and shut his "cakehole" while he threatened to thump her, a comment which earned her unafraid derision. A while later, their ceremony over, they stormed out of the building, still arm in arm, she telling him he could have his ring back and he telling her "just wait 'til I get you on that bus." The duration of their happy marriage is unknown...

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