Bridget brennan
Bridget Brennan
Spouse(s) Michael Brennan
Children Don Brennan (1937)
Maureen Brennan
First appearance 25th May 1988
Last appearance 13th June 1988
Number of appearances 2
Played by Pauline Letts

Bridget Brennan was the mother of Don and Maureen Brennan. In May 1988, two weeks before Don and Ivy Tilsley's wedding, Bridget paid a visit to 5 Coronation Street to meet Ivy for the first time.

Though Don tried to allay Ivy's anxieties about the "inspection", he let slip to Gail Tilsley that Bridget was getting on a bit and had her off days, which Vera Duckworth overheard and passed on to Ivy. When Bridget arrived in the Street along with Don's daughter Margaret Bell, she was already complaining about Don driving too fast and needed help into the house on account of her bad leg. On meeting Ivy, Bridget remained cranky and bombarded her future daughter-in-law with questions, while maintaining a veneer of politeness. After probing the essential information out of Ivy, including the details of her late husband Bert's death, she turned the topic of conversation towards herself and her problems, including her dependency on tablets, and the death of her own husband Michael from a heart attack at age fifty, adding that she had turned down several chances to re-marry as she considered it adultery. Bridget continued to drive the conversation, despite Don, Margaret and Ivy's attempts to steer it towards something more cheerful.

Bridget had another "off day" at the wedding two weeks later. She was critical of Don's choice of best man (Jack Duckworth), labelling him a spiv because of his "Vince St. Clair" outfit he'd been forced to wear after losing his new suit during the Stag night. Outside the church after the ceremony, Bridget told Vera Duckworth that Don had always been one for sad cases - when he was little he brought home a pigeon that only had one leg.

Before Christmas that year, Ivy was thrilled when she and Don were invited to Brian and Gail Tilsley's for Christmas dinner, as it meant they wouldn't have to have Bridget over for the day.

Credited as "Mrs Brennan".

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