First appearance 6th January 1961
Last appearance 27th March 1961
Number of appearances 2
Played by Bryan Hulme

Bryan was a troublesome teddy boy who, along with his friend Leslie, caused bother for two Coronation Street residents in 1961.

In January of that year, the two boys entered the Corner Shop in high spirits and boisterously called for Florrie Lindley who was in the back. When she emerged, they cheekily asked if she is the woman who had her name in the papers recently for being prosecuted for selling firelighters after 7.00pm and being fined £1, before sarcastically requesting some tins of striped paint and joking about the babies' teething rings on display. When her kettle whistled, Florrie was reluctant to into the back to attend to it and leave the boys in the shop. She was right to worry - once she was out of sight, Leslie hid some teething rings under his coat, while Bryan threw sugar across the floor. Florrie returned and saw what they had been up to. Bryan refused to return the teething rings to a distressed Florrie. At that moment, Harry Hewitt entered the shop and Florrie told him what was going on. Harry threatened to beat them up so they handed back the teething rings while Florrie vowed to send the police after them. Defiant to the last, Bryan told Harry he only backed down as he didn't want to hurt him. They left the shop and Florrie was relieved at Harry's intervention.

Two months later in March, Bryan and Leslie visited Snape's Cafe during Doreen Lostock's first night shift in that establishment. This time they were dressed in their full teddy boy regalia. As they entered, Bryan tipped a bowl of sugar into the teacup of an unsuspecting customer. They approached Doreen behind the counter and gave her cheek. Bryan asked if she had anything for a penny to which she retorted "Aye, gents' lavatory, first on the right". Referring to Leslie as "Yogi Bear", Doreen asked if he wanted anything. Leslie replied a jukebox, as thought the place was dead to which Doreen replied that they wouldn't be stopping then. For every cheeky remark they made, Doreen responded with a smart reply until they gave up and left the cafe. Sylvia Snape was highly impressed and grateful to Doreen for dealing with the boys so efficiently.

The two characters were credited as "Teddy Boys" on their first appearance.

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