Occupation Adoption panel member
First appearance 23rd August 2010
Last appearance 23rd August 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Claire Biggs

Bryony was a member of the panel who convened to advise Steve and Becky McDonald if their application to be adoption parents had been successful. She asked them a question about the hours that the two of them worked at the Rovers and was told that Becky would give up work if they were successful and allocated a child and Steve, being self-employed, could choose his hours. Nevertheless, their application was unsuccessful as the panel had issues with it being too soon after Becky’s miscarriage, concerns over the stability of their relationship and a negative reference from Becky’s half-sister Kylie Turner. Becky however blamed panel member Jade Greyson who had given her a cigarette outside the offices where the hearing took place and, for good measure, threatened the members to watch their backs in the future.

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