Builder (2008)
Occupation Builder
First appearance 19th May 2008
Last appearance 23rd May 2008
Number of appearances 2
Played by Michael Brogan

The unnamed Builder was employed (principally) by Molly Compton to take the stone cladding off the front of 9 Coronation Street that had originally been put on by the Duckworths in 1989. Tyrone Dobbs and Jack Duckworth were opposed to Molly's determination to take a little bit of the departed Vera away from them, especially when they were quoted four days' work at £1,500.

Work didn't progress very far though when the builder found that the cladding was fixed on so firmly that he would have to re-render the entire front of the house if he continued. A disappointed Molly told him to give up the attempt.

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