Bulldozer Driver
Bulldozer Driver
Spouse(s) 1 wife
Children 5 children
First appearance 16th April 1969
Number of appearances 1
Played by Geoffrey Reed

The unnamed Bulldozer Driver was tasked by Weatherfield County Borough Council with the demolition of an OAP Clubhouse in April 1969 to make way for a car park. He met a vigorous opponent in the form of Ena Sharples who organised a petition, then a sit-down protest in front of Weatherfield Town Hall and, when that didn't work, a sit-in at the clubhouse with bedding and supplies to make it a long one should circumstances demand it.

When the bulldozer arrived, Ena stood impassively on the doorstep and refused to let the driver continue his task. He tried to reason with her, telling him that although his job wasn't honourable, it did keep his wife and five children in shoes and cornflakes however she refused to move for his "devil's contraption". He threatened to get his foreman's permission to go ahead with the demolition, whether she and her friends were in the clubhouse or not, but Ena reiterated that she would still be in the building even if the answer was yes. In the end, the council gave way and the clubhouse was saved.

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