Bus Driver (Episode 6476)
Bus Driver
First appearance 22nd January 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Dave Law

With the Battersbys at loggerheads following Les's feeble efforts to care for Chesney in the absence of mother Cilla and upon overhearing his sister Fiz's conversation with Maria Sutherland that he couldn't stay at their flat forever, Chesney, feeling rejected, took the drastic action of running away.

After wandering the streets for hours with Schmeichel, Chesney found refuge in a bus shelter and upon seeing an approaching bus heading to Liverpool, flagged it down. The Driver told Chesney that he couldn't board the vehicle with such a big animal. Although Chesney tried to sway the driver by saying that Schmeichel wasn't any trouble, he still refused to allow the pair on his bus, promptly closing the doors and driving away.

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