Businessman (Episode 8066)
Occupation Businessman
First appearance 20th February 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Steve Varnom

The unnamed Businessman and his colleagues were dining at Nick's Bistro in February 2013. Approximately fifteen minutes after Kylie Platt served them, the businessman snapped his fingers and ordered her back over to their table to complain that his food was cold, and brusquely demanded that she took his plate away and fetched him another meal.

Kylie refused to pander to his impolite requests, and agreed with him when he told her that she was a "rude, incompetent waitress". Telling him that she was always forgetting things and dropping orders, she scraped the contents of his plate into his lap. As the angry customer became more vocal, business owner Nick Tilsley and wife Leanne came over to the table to see what the problem was. Leanne initially defended Kylie as she didn't believe that she would have done such a deliberate act and offered the businessman a round of drinks on the house. Kylie refused to apologise to the customer and walked out, telling Nick that he could "stuff his job".

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