CPS Solicitor (Episode 7296)
CPS Solicitor
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 18th March 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Drew Horner

The CPS Solicitor worked on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service and was in attendance at Weatherfield Magistrates Court during the preliminary bail hearing of Gail McIntyre, who had been formally charged with the murder of her late-husband Joe in March 2010.

After the summing-up from both counsels, the Solicitor had managed to sway the Judge to deny the defendant bail, on the grounds that she posed a flight risk - as Gail had planned to go and visit her daughter Sarah and granddaughter Bethany in Italy within the coming days.

Other family members were in a complete state of disbelief as Gail was ordered to serve the remainder of her custodial sentence in Redford Prison, with her trial being heard at Weatherfield Crown Court commencing on 6th July, 2010.

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