Callum Arnott has appeared on Coronation Street in two roles: firstly in March 2012 as a Man who Steve McDonald encountered when he was looking for a missing Amy Barlow; and he returned to the programme in April 2017 as a Security Officer on duty at Weatherfield Town Hall who restrained Tim Metcalfe.

He trained at the Arden School of Theatre and has also appeared in Queer as Folk, Fat Friends, The Marchioness Disaster and Fresh Meat. His extensive theatre credits include roles in Girls Night Out In Ibiza , Macbeth, The Twits, A Picture Of Dorian Gray, Crossing The Line, The Trailer, Manor, The Woman In White, The Opposite Sex, Look Back In Anger, Of Mice and Men, The Opposite Sex, Romeo And Juliet, Robin Hood, Sinbad, Journey's End and Flatspin.

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