Cally Lawrence appeared on Coronation Street in two roles: firstly in May 2010 as a Cell Mate of Tracy Barlow when they were incarcerated at Redford Prison; and she returned to the programme in October 2015 as Underworld client Sonia Webb.

Away from the screen, she also runs No Loss Productions - a theatre company aiming to collaborate and work with local professionals and businesses to bring affordable theatre, regularly records talking books on behalf of RNIB and co-wrote the 2013 short Sci-Fi film entitled Mnemophrenia: The Beginning.

Other acting credits include roles in The Cops, City Central, Doctors, Heartbeat, Emmerdale, The Office, Fish Can't Fly, Little Miss Jocelyn, Grange Hill, Skins, Peep Show, Wayland's Song and Bad Moon Rising.

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