Camera shop flat

1970: Ken Barlow pays Ena Sharples a visit

The Camera Shop Flat was a bedsit situated above Ernest Bishop's Camera Shop premises in Rosamund Street.

Ernie usually kept the flat empty. In June 1969, with the studio performing well, he decided to hire a caretaker and gave Ena Sharples first refusal, with the flat as accommodation. Ena accepted without hesitation, glad to leave the OAP maisonette in Coronation Street where she wasn't allowed to play her harmonium early in the morning. Ernie and Emily Nugent decorated the flat prior to Ena moving in, and at Ena's insistence had it inspected for rats. A check by Len Fairclough uncovered some defects, although Ernie got out of paying for the repairs by pretending to look for another caretaker.

Ena's spell in the flat was one of her happier times. She lived there for just under two years, vacating the flat in May 1971 when she became caretaker at the Community Centre. The flat was vacant until January 1972 when Emily, running the shop for an absent Ernie, housed her ill Auntie May there and moved in to look after her. A month later, Emily booked her aunt into the Bluebells old folks' home, and in April Emily and Ernie married and bought 3 Coronation Street. The bedsit remained empty until Ernie's business folded in July 1976.



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