Candy Brown was a pleasant young lady who worked for Stella Randell at the Carousel Club as barmaid and deputy when her boss was absent. Among her responsibilities was interviewing new bar staff, or rather assessing if they would look suitable in one of the skimpy uniforms that they wore. Stan Ogden, working there for Len Fairclough and Ray Langton thoroughly enjoyed watching the "audition" of the morose and gum-chewing Janet Stockwell when he should have been carrying out last minute alterations prior to the club's opening night.

Stella gave Len and Ray three complimentary tickets to the opening night and they gave the third to recently-widowed Ken Barlow to enable him to join them and forget his troubles. Candy was pleased at the thought of a school teacher coming to the club and fancied her chances but Len soon put her right as to Ken's personal circumstances. In the event, Ken became paralytic on the night and had to be almost carried home by Candy. Edith Tatlock, waiting up at 3 Coronation Street, was not pleased to see her son-in-law walking in supported by Candy and then falling drunk to the floor.