Carol QE2
Occupation QE2 Barmaid
First appearance Coronation Street - The Feature Length Special (1995)
Played by Bridget Brammall

Carol was a waitress in the Mermaid Bar of the QE2 in 1995 when Curly and Raquel Watts voyaged on the ship to celebrate their honeymoon. However their cheap rate for a cabin, arranged by Alec Gilroy, fell through when its true owner, his boss Mrs Bligh, turned up unexpectedly and they had to pose as his new staff. Raquel was given work to do with Carol in the bar and, like her, had to wear a ridiculous costume with a fishtail around the ankles. Carol was shocked that Curly ("a right wimp") was her husband but she nevertheless offered to leave Raquel alone with Curly in their cabin if she wanted but this was refused as Raquel was having severe doubts about her hasty wedding. When she and Curly became reconciled and realised that being man and wife was a good thing, Carol stood in as a bridesmaid when Curly and Raquel redid their vows in a religious service in front of the ship's Padre.

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