Carol Singer 1455
Carol Singer
Residence Clarence Street
First appearance 30th December 1974
Number of appearances 1
Played by Thomas Sloane

The young Carol Singer and his two mates called at 13 Coronation Street on Christmas Day 1974 and disturbed the peaceful seasonal repose of Stan Ogden. He recognised them as the three who had called the previous day when he claimed that he had no money. This time he grabbed the boy by the scruff of his neck and promised to give the three of them something if they didn't hop it, sending them on their way with the cry of "you thieving little hooligans" ringing in their ears.

Stan later identified the lads to Hilda as three brothers with the surname of Gilmore and that he intended to see their mother. Hilda recognised the name as that of a red-headed woman who worked in the greengrocers on a Saturday morning and warned her errant husband to keep away from her.

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