Carol Webb
First appearance 10th July 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Elizabeth Lax

Carol Webb was a hopeless hostess employed by Benny Lewis at his new betting shop in July 1972.

For some reason she wore a large pair of sunglasses indoors and spent the opening party knocking back more drinks than she was handing out. She showed little respect for her boss, being cheeky when he gave her any instructions and almost made a disastrous error when she pointed out a man who had come in without an invite. Benny was just about to throw him out when Len Fairclough pointed out that it was Detective Inspector Patterson of the local CID. Benny remonstrated with her, saying it was her job to find out all about people who came into his shop and not make such errors.

She made a beeline for Billy Walker when he arrived, shamelessly flirting with him but as she got drunker she loudly referred to the clients as mugs and blurted out in front of Patterson that the cash taken over the counter was not banked through the proper channels. Benny quickly sacked her. She told him he could "stuff his rotten job" as Benny got his doorman Willie to escort her off the premises and that, for good measure, he could also rot in hell. Benny told Len that he should have left her where he found her – on the East Lancs Road.

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