Carole Evans
Carole Evans
Occupation Pub landlady
First appearance 5th November 2012
Last appearance 12th November 2012
Number of appearances 6
Played by Debbie Arnold

Carole Evans was formerly employed by Stella Price at her old pub in Failsworth until Stella sacked her because she had eyes for her boyfriend Karl Munro. Some time later Carole turned up at the Rovers Return Inn in Weatherfield where Stella was now landlady, having heard that the Rovers was the winner of the 'Pub of the Year' competition 2012 and came to see the presentation. Carole told Stella that she was now landlady of the Weatherfield Arms. The presentation went belly up when it turned out Stella's mother Gloria had forged the comment cards and the plaque was passed to Carole and the Weatherfield Arms instead.

List of appearancesEdit


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