Carole Munro, was an alias used by Vera Duckworth when, in May 1983, Bet Lynch told her to go to the Bill & Coo Video Dating Agency. Bet had previously gone with the semi-serious intention of finding a fellah but her resolve changed when one of the videos of the clients available showed Jack Duckworth who claimed to be smooth-talking "Vince St. Clair". Ever watchful for the opportunity of a practical joke, Bet persuaded Vera to go to the agency for a laugh. She did so and was furious to see her own husband touting for a partner. Bet then persuaded Vera to pose as "Carole" and go on a date with an unsuspecting "Vince". Dressed in a red wig and long red evening dress, Vera waited in the snug of the Rovers and all of the regulars were treated to the sight of Jack's shock when he realised he'd been had and enjoyed the speed with which he ran out of the establishment with Vera in full battle cry shortly behind him.

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