Caroline Caddick was a casualty nurse at Weatherfield General when two residents of Coronation Street were brought in on separate occasions.

The first, in August 2014, was Tyrone Dobbs who fell through an unsafe ceiling at 9 Coronation Street when thin plasterboards had been unwittingly fitted by Jason Grimshaw who found the injured lad. The Paramedic who took him to the hospital told Nurse Caddick that Tyrone had head, chest and forearm injuries and she directed him to put the patient into one of the cubicles. She then told an anxious Fiz Stape that although she couldn't see Tyrone while he was examined, he would be seen by a doctor as soon as possible.

Two months later, she was the first to meet Kylie Platt when she brought in an ill and virtually unconscious Gemma Winter. The girl had collapsed in The Dog & Gun after taking drugs and Callum Logan drove them to the hospital rather than have the emergency services come to the pub and then ask awkward questions. The nurse saw through any pretence that Kylie made that she didn't know what was wrong with her friend and told her that she had to tell them the truth as Gemma was in a bad way. Kylie told her about the drugs and Nurse Vine told Caroline to put Gemma in bay four where Doctor Newall would examine her.

The character was credited as "Nurse" on her first appearance and "Nurse Caddick" on her second. Her forename was given in dialogue in this latter appearance